Special Events

Tai Chi
Tuesdays through December 19th
7:30-8:30 p.m.
with Gina Stropko

Relax and Embody Your Health with Tai Chi  ~  Meditation in Motion
Tai Chi is one of the oldest Martial Arts and is a slow moving flowing dance that has many health benefits.  In this class you will learn the Tai Chi warm-ups including the 8 Best Movements for Health and begin to practice the Wu style form consisting of 118 flowing movements.   Tai Chi is meditation in motion and promotes relaxation as it helps us breathe deeper and easier. It is beneficial for any age and can be modified for people in wheelchairs or seated. The gentle movements are a wonderful addition to any sports or those in rehab and therapy. Tai Chi is good for Health and Balance, helps reduce pain and stress, increases Relaxation, helps loosen our joints, improves circulation and flexibility, promotes longevity, relieves tension, helps prevent arthritis, deepens the breath and helps quiet the mind.   Practicing Tai Chi can enhance feeling the energy move through the body helping to strengthen internal organs, prevent sickness and reduce pain.  Gina currently conducts beginner’s classes with an emphasis on Health and Balance.

Tai Chi


Sunday Yin
November 26th, December 17th and January 7th
6:00-7:15 p.m.
with Kerianne Sidoti

With a busy on-the-go lifestyle, most of us don’t take much time to step out of our norm – or our comfort zone. Balancing our busy lives is not easy, but is very important. Yin yoga is a way to focus on the quieter side of our lives, which is often overlooked. We hold many of our stresses in our joints and the connective tissues of our body. Yin focuses on releasing the “issues in our tissues” and cultivates patience with our mind and body.

Poses in Yin Yoga are passive, usually on the floor and typically held for 3-5 minutes. This static stressing of the connective tissues causes the body to reshape and strengthen these tissues, making them more flexible. This time frame also cultivates stillness in our mind and body allowing space for us to be mindfully in the moment.

$14 Drop in or use your class pass.

Sunday Yin

Introduction to Bhakti
Saturday, December 2nd
5:00-7:30 p.m.
with Christine McIntosh

Bhakti Yoga is a yogic path of love and devotion. The Sanskrit word bhakti comes from the root bhaj which means “to adore or worship God”. It is a path to love, self-realization and experiencing oneness with everything that surrounds you. In this workshop you will learn the origins and history of the Bhakti yoga path, experience the rituals of a bhakti practice, including deity worship and dedication, and explore your connection with whatever you consider to be Divine. We will join for a one hour discussion followed by a love and light-filled hour-long asana practice exploring devotional mantra and Puja, a multi-sensory observance of ritual and worship.

At the heart of Bhakti yoga is surrender, or Ishvara Pranidhana. Surrender yourself to expand your awareness and connections with loved ones, community, nature and the spirit that surrounds us all.

“Mature in yoga, impartial everywhere that he looks, he sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself.” – Bhagavad Gita 6.29

$25 per person.

Introduction to Bhakti

Friday Night Restorative Yoga
December 29th (FILLED)
6:00-7:15 p.m.
with Cathy Picozzi

Join Cathy for a restoring yoga practice that offers support to your body with props that encourage the release of stress and muscle tightness as your body rests into relaxation.  A Mudra, Meditation and Pranayama are often included in class.  This class is designed to allow healing as it opens the mind, body and spirit to all that renews you!  There is very limited space for this class and refunds will not be offered for cancellations.

 $14 per person or pre-register by using your class pass.

Workshop Cancellation Policy:
Please notify OneTree Yoga 24 hours in advance
of your reservation to receive a refund.
This will allow us to notify people on our waiting lists.
Your understanding is appreciated!

All cancellations for weather or emergency related issues
will be posted on the website and on Facebook,
please check prior to classes.

First class $5.00 for those new to our studio!

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